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A  2 day  "hands-on" learning experience by  our   Chef 


Step 1

Day 1: Make the Dough 

You learn to make pizza dough balls with locally available flour. We teach the basics with expert tips and trips that make dough making a fun-filled activity with kids and loved ones. 

Weekday: Per Special Request
Weekend: Saturdays (400 PM)

75 mins Class

All times in US CST

Pizza Kit with Pizza flour, tomatoes can, and herbs /spices available for purchase ($25.00)


Step 2

Day 2: Bake  the Pizza 

This class covers the basics of how to open the dough, stretch, top, and bake the pizza in the home oven. Novices and Pros alike can benefit from this class on how to best use the home oven to enjoy pizza with family and friends 

$100.00 for 2 Day Sessions

Weekday: Per Special Request

Weekends: Sundays (1200 PM)

120 mins Class

All times in US CST

  • Please note premade dough balls are required for this class, made in our  "Making the dough balls" class typically held a day before.

  • Special In-Person LIVE classes (within 20 miles of 75409 ZIP) also available via special request

Shadow on Concrete Wall

Step 3

Ensure you have the right tools in your kitchen 

Baking with your own kitchen equipment that you are comfortable with makes life easy

Shadow on Concrete Wall

Step 4

Ensure   you  have  the

Fresh  Ingredients


Buy Local, Support Local,

Stay fresh, stay healthy

Our customers in Frisco/Plano, Texas can buy pizza kits from us.

Pizza kit with Flour, Tomatoes and herbs/Spices available for purchase for local Frisco/North Dallas residents

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