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Buy Local, Buy Fresh and you will feel the difference


Suggested Pizza ingredients

  1. Pizza Dough Ball

    1. White Flour unbleached and unbromated

    2. Yeast for Fermentation

    3. Salt

    4. Tap Water 

  2. For Sauce

    1. Whole Peeled Tomatoes. 

    2. Spices for flavor

  3. Fresh blocks of Cheese no grated​

    1. Mozzarella​.

    2. Parmesan Reggiano

  4. Toppings​

    1. Your Favorite toppings e.g. Pepperoni, fresh herbs like Basil etc​

Exact ingredients and quantities will be emailed upon class confirmation to you.

These ingredients are available in most supermarts, local stores. I recommend you get your vegetables from local farmers markets, Cheese from local cheesemongers, and meats from local trusted butchers

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