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Adventurous Mission

To create WoW!! experiences that infuse "indulgent"  woodfired favorites with "super healthy"  and "global cuisines" twists. 


Our "Trailblazer" Chef,

Our "Global" Concept

Our "Unique" Difference

We are unique in the sense we offer wood-fired pizzas with global flavors, inspired by our travels across the world. We have learned these global flavors and cuisines camping out in the trenches with street food vendors, interning at award-winning restaurants and working with some master chefs across the globe.
We draw inspirations from different cultures, their foods and mix n match to recreate our own toppings. We love multi-culturalism and how pizza is one of the most universal favorite food enjoyed across the globe with a myriad of different toppings. 

To learn more about Chef Skylar's work visit his connect with him to join his @CleanHealthyGourmet group on Facebook. 


Our Table Stakes

We firmly believe the closer we are to nature, the better the flavors and nutritional value we can get from the food. Hence we cook all our food in Wood Fired Ovens, over white-hot embers. Sorry, no conveyer belt pizzas or gas-fired oven pizzas manufactured in an assembly line. We take our time to cook properly to bring out the best of an all-rounded pie. 
Naturally nurtured, our dough is delicately fermented over long period of time, and our toppings are very carefully selected for a complete wholesome meal that is actually well appreciated for your body. 


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